Monday, February 25, 2013

Red Moss Stitch Infinity Scarf


Finally finished my red cowl! I actually had almost completed it a few weeks ago, but just did not like the width at all so undid the entire thing and restarted it.
Whew, what a workout...

It's all stitched in a moss stitch throughout, and I like wrapping it twice around.

1. Size 15 US knitting needles
2. Caron Simply Soft yarn, 2 skiens/600 yds (or another worsted weight yarn, or 300 yds of bulky weight yarn)
Knit the entire piece using 2 strands of yarn together (double-kintting), unless using a bulky weight yarn.
1. Cast on 23 stitches.
2. Row 1: K1, P1 repeat ** 11 times. K1.
3. Repeat Row 1 until piece measures approximately 54 inches.
4. Bind off. Sew the ends together to create infinity scarf. Work in loose ends.

If you have any questions about the pattern let me know, and good knitting! :)

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  1. thank you! I'm looking for various infinity scarf patterns that are simple. i like the "therapy" or zen feel of the basic stitches and something to bring along that don't need so much to focus on. I'm knitting mine in a purple mist, which is my daughters fav. color. i love the texture, its so squishy! and the large needles makes is so soft and stretchy.