Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Portfolio Update

Just creating a little post with a review of some of my drawings to have all in one place for reference.

 {11x14. Pointe Shoes. December 2012}

{8x10. Autumn Leaf. November 2012}

{8x10. Velveteen Rabbit. October 2012}

{5x7. 2006}

{8x10. 2005}

 I had better book it for April!

I actually have a commission I am working on (so fun!) so hope to upload that soon :)


Makeup Haul

After several intensive research sessions browsing through all sorts of reviews, I made a trip to Ulta for my first true makeup haul. It was about time!
I have always stuck with drugstore brands, but have had trouble finding face makeup light enough for my skin tone that also provided the coverage I wanted. And it usually only lasted about 3 hours before some shine started appearing and I would have to reapply. Annoying!
Not anymore! I am determined to find something just right! I spoke with a few of the Ulta employees about which products they would recommend, and here they are! :) I also purchased a few of my own on the lower price range to test against their higher end products. Who wants to pay a ton more for something comparable?

I am playing around with them still, but I may do a product review update!

I also have started a very thorough skin care routine! I have been in a sort of slump for awhile now because I just didn't think anything really helped, but I am now being super diligent with my routine every morning and night along with the addition of a few products, and fingers crossed I start noticing a real change in a month or two. Stupid female hormones lol.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teeny Tiny Bunny Sketch

Spring is almost here!!!
I am so ready for some 80 degree weather down here lol.

In other news, a couple nights ago I was recovering from a heavily demanding day at work and decided to just pull out my pencils and work on something fun. No pressure. No worries. Just fun.

Et Viola!

It is a teeny tiny bunny :D
I need to work a lot more of smaller detailing and images, so this was a great practice sketch.
I so need a better pencil sharpener! My pencils are stuck at a certain point width, so not conducive to fine detailing. Soon to be remedied though!
There may be another bunny coming, not gonna lie. :P