Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vivien Leigh Portrait

Last week I began my first piece in a series of celebrity portraits, both iconic and contemporary, whom I completely love, to kick start on my portfolio. Here it is :)

This was completed using 2H and 6B pencils on acid-free sketch paper,
and measures 7x9.5".

I wanted to start with someone classic, but Audrey and Marilyn are so often done I decided to go with Vivien Leigh initially. Her attitude and expression in this scene are just too perfect lol.

I really do love how it turned out. I hope you like!
Next on the list?

Scarlett Johannson. I already started lol. Soon to be complete! :)
Other possibilities I am liking:
Elizabeth Taylor
Aishwarya Rai
Carey Mulligan
Christina Hendricks
Claire Danes
Lana Del Rey
Troian Bellisario
Ashley Benson

As for the men, oh will they be fun! I want to try one of Sherlock from the BBC drama, and of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy... oh the challenge lol.


Friday, April 12, 2013

The Standard Pour

Made it to the third "Dame's Dinner" restaurant! Well, bar really lol...
We had a really great time! It was crazy cold AGAIN lol, so we were all bundled up to our necks. I am determined to wear my mint/white striped maxi dress as soon as the weather permits though! Or my peach lace dress... oh warmer weather when will you come back??? 
The rain calmed down in time for our evening, so we salvaged the night with a free meal and some drinks. We had some starter drinks though which were a spiced sangria sort of reminiscent of mulled wine which was so perfect for the stormy weather!

{Elizabeth photo bombing my fab cocktail lol}
I tried the corn chowder with the roasted hen and vegetables this time. I think overall the meal was adequate but nothing special...

Still looked delicious I think!
I should have taken a pic of my dress! Ah well... Its a simple sleeveless black dress about midthigh length that flares out a lot at the waste. I think I love it the most because its perfect for dressing down on a casual day as well as accessorizing for a night out! I wore black textured tights, black pumps, and my pendant necklace that night, but earlier at work I donned my white sheer cardi with simple black flats.
We ended up staying late for a Wednesday because the band that started playing around 10 pm was really good! He covered some nice ones like "Wonderwall" and we were just enjoying ourselves too much. Another friend joined us and guess what? We got two rounds of shots compliments from the bar!
Overall great midweek bar hop. I think Villa-o is my fav dining experience so far, and this one is my fav casual bar spot.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bag Obsession

Ok, I admit it.

I am currently suffering from a feverish bag obsession.

And Pinterest is not helping lol. For a long time I never understood why anyone would pay so much just for an (albeit useful) accessory (name brand sunglasses I still think are ridiculously overpriced). Recently though I have started to appreciate the value in a high quality bag... not only in the durability of the materials but also the overall design.

Do I have any of these bags on my shopping list though? No lol. But maybe someone special will buy one for me as a gift one day :)


Classic feminine handbag. The bag on the left is the new Chanel Boy purse in pearl which I completely love! Luckily Chanel is such a popular trend knock offs are easy to come by, but the difference in quality is obvious. They still carry the necessities though, and add to an overall outfit's style. So far now, a girl can dream :)

{Hermes Birkin}
I love the above tote! I think this bag and the totes below are in a fight for my favoritism lol. Seriously though, could you choose? I still haven't come across an affordable version yet, but keeping my eyes open.

Gorgeous! Ack!

{Michael Kors Hamilton Tote}

I love pretty much all the colors of this one as well...

*happily day dreaming away*
I was so excited when I found this bag below though! I am thinking of this as an affordable alternative... $35 I can definitely hack lol.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

*Happy Birthday to Me*

I had a lovely prolonged Birthday celebration this month.
{I got my favorite flowers!}
I had originally planned on going out to dinner and grabbing drinks afterward with a couple of friends, but disease and sickness spread like pestilence among them and we ended up post-poning our galavant.
So Sunday morning, bright and early on St. Patrick's Day, I decided to give myself a complete Me Day. I brewed some coffee, spent an unheard of amount of time curling my hair, and stepped out for some shopping! Retail therapy always helps lol.
Dropped by Plato's Closet ("hip" resale clothing shop) and found a super cute spring lace dress discounted. Then at Starbucks used a gift card for a new gorgeously deep purple travel mug. Finally spent some time at Ulta and picked up a few makeup products I have been eyeing from recommendations on I ended the night with a home cooked dinner in with a movie! A perfect selfish day :) 
Then Tuesday one of my friend's took me out to dinner downtown after work! We hit us Sfuzz's Uptown after work.

The cocktail I ordered was still green from St. Patricks's Day so it almost felt like it was really my birthday lol. It was "Dame's Dinner Club" night at Sfuzzi's so our meal was complimentary! *Awesomeness*

We had such a lovely time together, and stopped by a bar afterward to top the night off... which also involved a complimentary cocktail lol.
Then this past Saturday I got together with some friends for a little grilling picnic at the park!

{Stacie and Me}

We grilled some portabella mushroom burgers with chips and guacamole for lunch. I didn't have lighter fluid though initially because the charcoal said "Instant Light"...
Mistake!! lol.
One of the girls left and picked some up though which saved the day!
I also "pinterested" a cocktail made by mixing moscato wine, sprite, pink lemonade, and fresh rasberries which was delicious! Discovered later alcohol shouldn't really be at a public park... ah well. Good thing we are girls and not lushes lol.

Elizabeth decided to bring some bananas, chocolate chips, and marshmallows to make banana boats on the grill too. Another Pinterest idea!
 {Elizabeth and Lindsey}

And Stacie, our resident pastry chef, made some delicious chocolate cream cheese frosted cupcakes for the event! They were seriously baller. None of us wanted to wait to eat them for dessert lol.

 Lovely Birthday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dame's Dinner Club

Last night was my second excursion out to dinner as part of Dallas' "Dame's Dinner Club", and I think I am in love. There are three popular restaurants located in uptown that participate in this awesome program for single women of all ages: Sfuzzi Uptown, The Standard Pour, and Villa-o.
Once a week alternating through Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night they each serve a preselected three course menu with two different starter and entrée options to choose from, for FREE! This is only for unescorted ladies, does not include any beverages or the tip of course, reservations must be made in advance, and the portions are more moderately sized. But this means us ladies get to go out during the week, doll ourselves up for some girly man-free gossip, have a great meal with drinks or without for a wonderfully reasonable price!
Tight budget that week? No worries just order a soda and pay your tip! And the food so far has been great!
Last night I went out with Lindsey and Elizabeth to Villa-O, an Italian organic restaurant. We had some time to kill before our table was ready so we wandered around some shops for a bit, and ended up enjoying some free cappacinno's at Sur La Table across the street! If you don't know by now, you should lol; I am an admitted coffee addict. Love! My dream would be to have a really great combined espresso/coffee machine to serve drinks at home with.
{Lindsey, Elizabeth, and Me a la Sur La Table} 
 Getting the 411 on some of the espresso machines lol.

The weather has been crazy these past few weeks, and last night it was COLD.
Of course today it seems to be in the 70s lol. Oh Texas.

Enjoying my *free* wonderful entrée at Villa-o! I also had two of their cocktails: the Sardinia which is made from prosecco and grapefruit, followed by the Strawberry Lemon Mojito which was PERFECT.
The menu that night included either
Caesar Salad or Asparagus Soup,
followed by
Lemon Sole with mascarpone mashed potatoes in a white wine sauce or Spinach Ravioli,
and finally Tiramisu!
It was so funny; we all chose the soup and lemon sole! ...which was delicious!

{Lemon Sole}
I loved how they wrapped the lemon in a little sieve to squeeze over the fish!
The portions are actually a bit smaller with the dame's dinner menu than typically, but still perfectly filling I think for most women.
My friend Stacie took me out to Sfuzzi's a couple weeks ago for this as well, so our next trip is definitely going to be The Standard Pour! Stay tuned for that review! :)
This little gig is such a great reminder for us all to value the wonderful female friendships in our lives! <3 Have a fab weekend!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ELF haul

My ELF order came in! Yay! They had sent me a really great discount code in my email offering 10 free mineral eye shadows with an online order of $20. And since I had wanted to try a few of their products anyway... I totally went for it! :)

1. Blush x 3                           
2. Mineral lipstick x 3             (Nicely Nude, Runway Pink)
3. Lip stain                              (Heartbreaker)
4. Eyelid primer/sealer
5. Mineral eyeshadow x 10
6. Blush brush
7. Eyeliner brush
8. Matifying powder

{Dreamy, Flirty, Girly, Sweet}
The ELF mineral eye shadows are basically a good sheer shimmery shadow. They are not highly pigmented so they definitely are best for a daytime spring/summer look. I used the eyelid primer as well and they last a good 6-8 hours. I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase them, but I am very happy to have a $30 value for free to start my spring collection :)

{Peachy Keen, Tickled Pink}
I absolutely love the blushes! I actually bought two of the pinks because I had a feeling they would be perfect for the warmer months to come and I was completely right. The pigmentation is just right too. I even love ELF's blush brush! I have officially replaced my Sonia Kashuk blush brush with it lol.

{Angelic, Wild, Bronzed, Seductive}
Natural browns are my usual eye makeup pick, so I also went with this color range for my typical neutral day to day look. Definitely more my comfort zone. So far, so good! Again, not super pigmented though.
I like the lipsticks as well. I think I would rather spend the $5 on a Rimmel or NYC lipstick though since they are more long lasting and pigmented.
Although I wear makeup daily, I hardly ever spend the money necessary to experiment with different brands and products. Its so nice to be able to try something different!

Amazon Package

Oh the decidant pleasure in receiving a package in the mail. *le sigh*
Erika Knight is so inspiring and a wonderful creative designer for kitting patterns!

Not only can I finally begin work again on the wrap-around house coat I started forever ago, but all the cables in Cables and Arans are sending my mind whirring with pillow cover ideas lol. 
I can't wait to get knitting!