Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bag Obsession

Ok, I admit it.

I am currently suffering from a feverish bag obsession.

And Pinterest is not helping lol. For a long time I never understood why anyone would pay so much just for an (albeit useful) accessory (name brand sunglasses I still think are ridiculously overpriced). Recently though I have started to appreciate the value in a high quality bag... not only in the durability of the materials but also the overall design.

Do I have any of these bags on my shopping list though? No lol. But maybe someone special will buy one for me as a gift one day :)


Classic feminine handbag. The bag on the left is the new Chanel Boy purse in pearl which I completely love! Luckily Chanel is such a popular trend knock offs are easy to come by, but the difference in quality is obvious. They still carry the necessities though, and add to an overall outfit's style. So far now, a girl can dream :)

{Hermes Birkin}
I love the above tote! I think this bag and the totes below are in a fight for my favoritism lol. Seriously though, could you choose? I still haven't come across an affordable version yet, but keeping my eyes open.

Gorgeous! Ack!

{Michael Kors Hamilton Tote}

I love pretty much all the colors of this one as well...

*happily day dreaming away*
I was so excited when I found this bag below though! I am thinking of this as an affordable alternative... $35 I can definitely hack lol.


  1. Cute blog!!

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    1. Aw thanks! Ack OMG I still do not have that palette! Following your cute blog now!