Friday, April 5, 2013

Dame's Dinner Club

Last night was my second excursion out to dinner as part of Dallas' "Dame's Dinner Club", and I think I am in love. There are three popular restaurants located in uptown that participate in this awesome program for single women of all ages: Sfuzzi Uptown, The Standard Pour, and Villa-o.
Once a week alternating through Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night they each serve a preselected three course menu with two different starter and entrée options to choose from, for FREE! This is only for unescorted ladies, does not include any beverages or the tip of course, reservations must be made in advance, and the portions are more moderately sized. But this means us ladies get to go out during the week, doll ourselves up for some girly man-free gossip, have a great meal with drinks or without for a wonderfully reasonable price!
Tight budget that week? No worries just order a soda and pay your tip! And the food so far has been great!
Last night I went out with Lindsey and Elizabeth to Villa-O, an Italian organic restaurant. We had some time to kill before our table was ready so we wandered around some shops for a bit, and ended up enjoying some free cappacinno's at Sur La Table across the street! If you don't know by now, you should lol; I am an admitted coffee addict. Love! My dream would be to have a really great combined espresso/coffee machine to serve drinks at home with.
{Lindsey, Elizabeth, and Me a la Sur La Table} 
 Getting the 411 on some of the espresso machines lol.

The weather has been crazy these past few weeks, and last night it was COLD.
Of course today it seems to be in the 70s lol. Oh Texas.

Enjoying my *free* wonderful entrée at Villa-o! I also had two of their cocktails: the Sardinia which is made from prosecco and grapefruit, followed by the Strawberry Lemon Mojito which was PERFECT.
The menu that night included either
Caesar Salad or Asparagus Soup,
followed by
Lemon Sole with mascarpone mashed potatoes in a white wine sauce or Spinach Ravioli,
and finally Tiramisu!
It was so funny; we all chose the soup and lemon sole! ...which was delicious!

{Lemon Sole}
I loved how they wrapped the lemon in a little sieve to squeeze over the fish!
The portions are actually a bit smaller with the dame's dinner menu than typically, but still perfectly filling I think for most women.
My friend Stacie took me out to Sfuzzi's a couple weeks ago for this as well, so our next trip is definitely going to be The Standard Pour! Stay tuned for that review! :)
This little gig is such a great reminder for us all to value the wonderful female friendships in our lives! <3 Have a fab weekend!

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