Sunday, April 7, 2013

*Happy Birthday to Me*

I had a lovely prolonged Birthday celebration this month.
{I got my favorite flowers!}
I had originally planned on going out to dinner and grabbing drinks afterward with a couple of friends, but disease and sickness spread like pestilence among them and we ended up post-poning our galavant.
So Sunday morning, bright and early on St. Patrick's Day, I decided to give myself a complete Me Day. I brewed some coffee, spent an unheard of amount of time curling my hair, and stepped out for some shopping! Retail therapy always helps lol.
Dropped by Plato's Closet ("hip" resale clothing shop) and found a super cute spring lace dress discounted. Then at Starbucks used a gift card for a new gorgeously deep purple travel mug. Finally spent some time at Ulta and picked up a few makeup products I have been eyeing from recommendations on I ended the night with a home cooked dinner in with a movie! A perfect selfish day :) 
Then Tuesday one of my friend's took me out to dinner downtown after work! We hit us Sfuzz's Uptown after work.

The cocktail I ordered was still green from St. Patricks's Day so it almost felt like it was really my birthday lol. It was "Dame's Dinner Club" night at Sfuzzi's so our meal was complimentary! *Awesomeness*

We had such a lovely time together, and stopped by a bar afterward to top the night off... which also involved a complimentary cocktail lol.
Then this past Saturday I got together with some friends for a little grilling picnic at the park!

{Stacie and Me}

We grilled some portabella mushroom burgers with chips and guacamole for lunch. I didn't have lighter fluid though initially because the charcoal said "Instant Light"...
Mistake!! lol.
One of the girls left and picked some up though which saved the day!
I also "pinterested" a cocktail made by mixing moscato wine, sprite, pink lemonade, and fresh rasberries which was delicious! Discovered later alcohol shouldn't really be at a public park... ah well. Good thing we are girls and not lushes lol.

Elizabeth decided to bring some bananas, chocolate chips, and marshmallows to make banana boats on the grill too. Another Pinterest idea!
 {Elizabeth and Lindsey}

And Stacie, our resident pastry chef, made some delicious chocolate cream cheese frosted cupcakes for the event! They were seriously baller. None of us wanted to wait to eat them for dessert lol.

 Lovely Birthday!

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