Friday, April 12, 2013

The Standard Pour

Made it to the third "Dame's Dinner" restaurant! Well, bar really lol...
We had a really great time! It was crazy cold AGAIN lol, so we were all bundled up to our necks. I am determined to wear my mint/white striped maxi dress as soon as the weather permits though! Or my peach lace dress... oh warmer weather when will you come back??? 
The rain calmed down in time for our evening, so we salvaged the night with a free meal and some drinks. We had some starter drinks though which were a spiced sangria sort of reminiscent of mulled wine which was so perfect for the stormy weather!

{Elizabeth photo bombing my fab cocktail lol}
I tried the corn chowder with the roasted hen and vegetables this time. I think overall the meal was adequate but nothing special...

Still looked delicious I think!
I should have taken a pic of my dress! Ah well... Its a simple sleeveless black dress about midthigh length that flares out a lot at the waste. I think I love it the most because its perfect for dressing down on a casual day as well as accessorizing for a night out! I wore black textured tights, black pumps, and my pendant necklace that night, but earlier at work I donned my white sheer cardi with simple black flats.
We ended up staying late for a Wednesday because the band that started playing around 10 pm was really good! He covered some nice ones like "Wonderwall" and we were just enjoying ourselves too much. Another friend joined us and guess what? We got two rounds of shots compliments from the bar!
Overall great midweek bar hop. I think Villa-o is my fav dining experience so far, and this one is my fav casual bar spot.