Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sketching for Fun

Although most of my drawings have been calculated and planned, these are a couple that I just had the desire to try my hand at.
The key was one I did as the first drawing in my new hardbound sketchbook (way more portable and perfect for me) and to test out using mechanical pencils with graphite lead.
 This next one was actually a prep for comparison before trying out watercolor painting. I wanted to work on a simple subject to start out with and that would allow me to experiment with the new medium (so look forward to color people! lol) and did this just as a reference drawing.

I actually really like it!
I am excited to see how the watercolor experiments will turn out.


I am a Cumberholic

Yes. It is official. I am cumber-obsessed.

I held out during the first season of Sherlock, although I suspect I was teetering on the edge, but then I finally watched all three episodes of the second season of BBC's Sherlock, and I was smitten. Then not a week later I found out he was acting as the main badass in Star Trek Into Darkness! Of all the luck!

So... while waiting to see Star Trek, I indulged myself and tried my hand at my first male portrait, of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes. I also used Bristol paper for the first time, as well as charcoal! Still not sure I prefer that medium though; its so messy and rough to work with.

Here is the Sherlock I did.

{Charcoal and graphite pencil drawing on Bristol paper measuring 8x10"}
Then after getting to go to the theaters and watch Star Trek Into Darkness, I could not help myself at all in trying another Cumberbatch portrait, this time of him as the character John Harrison aka Khan.

{Graphite pencil drawing on Bristol paper measuring 8x10"}
I think I love this one way more lol.
Hopefully this will satisfy my cumberaddiction until season three of Sherlock is released... oh who am I kidding no it won't.
Contemplating a new project celebrating my membership as a Whovian as well next...
I know I may be straying from my original artwork plan, but apparently that is nothing but good! One of my wonderful and amazing followers on Instagram searched me out on Tumblr, and messaged me about purchasing a print of the Sherlock drawing!!! You have no idea how amazing and wonderful that moment was... I know its just one person, but it really does mean the world to me.
I am hoping the fact that I haven't even been advertising my shop or opened it or anything, and I already have interest, is a fortuitous sign. Its definitely worth celebrating at least :D I will be sending out just that image to the printing company this coming week and hopefully receiving a print I can sell to her through Etsy. I was going to hold out opening till I had good stock, but I may just open the one listing for her, and then put it back under construction until I have the stock I want available for sale.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh This Warm Weather

This wonderfully warm weather is bringing out a craving for comfortable breezy clothing! 

{Long flowing layered high-waisted skirts and mid-drift tops}
Still have not been convinces to buy into the mid-drift trend, but these outfits are definitely convincing enough. H&M has a comparable white slit skirt that I have to admit I tried on... if I could have worn it to work I would so have been convinced lol! I think I may invest in one long maxi skirt just for play since they are so inexpensive though...

Its pretty much impossible to go wrong with a white flowing dress right now. Don't these look so comfortable?

And of course throwing in a bit of lace and layering adds a vintage inspired look to the mix.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Mon Petit Elephant' Pencil Drawing

So I know an elephant was completely not on my list lol... but sometimes you just have to go with wherever your muse takes you!
{Completed using 2H, HB, and 6B graphite pencils on acid-free sketch paper, measuring 8x10"}
 I am not sure I am completely finished with him yet; I would like to get some reference photos for different types of rocky ground and such to sketch a more solid base. Putting him off to the side for now though and I will ruminate more while working on my next project.

{Possible framing options!}
I really like the latter as a stand alone myself...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drawing Small Scale

I bought a blending stump, and then my cat proceeded to eat it while I slept. I'm calling it Sasha Sabotage lol.

I have wanted to try capturing this moment from the film "A Little Princess" for quite awhile, and finally just decided to go ahead and try. I am definitely not the best with drawing things on a small scale so it was a really good practice piece. I think once I apply a new blending stump it might turn out acceptable, although not my favorite by far.
I am calling it a respectable first illustration attempt lol.

{Completed using an HB pencil and charcoal on acid-free paper, measuring 8x10 inches}

Contemplating doing more of a close up sketch of Emily the Doll without the keyhole frame, but I just wanted to try that out first.

And I still hate charcoal... every pencil stroke feels like nails on a chalkboard! Ick! Although maybe if I use it on a better quality paper this will not be the case. Still only using sketch paper right now, although I did purchase some Bristol paper. I am sticking to my hardbound sketchbook until I feel like the originals are actually worth something though lol.

{More framing fun! I am really liking experimenting with this now lol...}

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Like My New Banner?


So you may have noticed a small change up top :)  I wanted to spruce things up a bit, so sketched out the above! I still love my lanterns but I think they will be cuter during the winter months. Honestly... the idea came from a teacup lol. I love that inspiration can come from anywhere as long as you are open to it!

Much cuter right?

I want to spruce it up with some flowers and vines as well, but I just made this one during lunch at work lol, hence the simplicity.

Can I tell you a secret? I am so excited.... I purchased some beginner supplies to start watercolor painting! Eeeep!I am going to start out very small just with little things like flowers and such and just completely enjoy myself for awhile.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'Sleepy Owl' Pencil Drawing

As I mentioned in a previous post, although I am still working on building a good variety of celebrity portrait drawings for the portfolio, I also started working with animal subjects.
I ultimately want a series of seven 8x10" pencil drawing prints of my favorite adorable creatures. I started with a sleepy little owl, and here he is!

I completed him using 2H, B, and 6B pencils on an acid-free sketch paper, and the entire piece is an 8x10".
I think he turned out super cute!
The images are just photographs of the artwork, so I am hoping a bit of the roughness and pixilation is not an issue once I find a high-quality scanner. I had been toying with sending in photographs to make Giclee prints, but I just found a really great printing company (finally ack!) that recommends using a high quality scanner. I am going to be sending this guy in and getting samples of different paper prints, and hopefully they will be just right.
 Then once I complete this little animal series and finalize the prints, I can open my Etsy Shop!
I can't wait!
Probable Future Forest Creatures:
Field Mouse
Baby Bunny
Baby fox
Baby Squirrel

Continuing to work my butt off over the next several weeks :D but very happily.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Etsy Find!

They finally arrived! Excitement abounds!

I ordered these tile coasters from
and they arrived in only a week! I usually don't expect orders to come in earlier
than two weeks from Etsy since most of their businesses are very small,
but I was very happy to have been surprised!

I have been looking for some cute coasters for waaaay too many months, and really liked these as soon as I glimpsed them online. The colors are perfect for my apartment scheme, and the print is obviously in style. They were so affordable too! You get four tile coasters for $7 + $5 shipping, which is still less than the $20 Target and many other stores regularly charge.

I bought four of the Moroccan grey, as well as four of the Chevron Mint. She has several really cute options in her store, so if you need coasters check hers out! :D
Ssssssssh, but.....
I am playing around with the notion of repainting my coffee table a fun color for spring if I can get a white rug for the living room, so if that happens these will still match beautifully!
Extra bonus!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scarlett Johannson Portrait

Okay portrait number 2! Ummmm that should not be the title haha.
This was completed using 2H and 6B pencils on an acid-free sketch paper,
and measures 6x6".

This one went so much smoother than Vivien's, but definitely emphasized my need to buy a blending tool! I had a whole weekend to do more research on drawing tools and techniques, and am very excited to try out some new things in a couple weeks.

Below was just me playing around with framing/matting ideas.

I still will be working on my portrait list for The Portfolio, but I am also now working on sketching animals! There is definitely less pressure with those little guys lol, and they are so cute! Right now I have a little owl guy who will be a cute 5x7" original, but will also be available in 8x10" prints in future.

I am so looking forward to the day I get the guts to start using paints though! My dad gave me a project which requires that medium, so I have been doing some homework and I am excited to get my feet wet.

Since researching different studio art mediums and their techniques, as well as current successful professional studio artists, my brain has been overflowing with things I want to try as well as learn. I am so fortunate to be living in this era that allows such research and access. You really have to shut the world out to not find inspiration. Despite the career challenges I am already facing and that I know are looming ahead, I am so much happier in myself since deciding to pursue this path. I think this year's Thanksgiving is going to mean so much more to me lol.

Just throwing these thoughts into the ether :)