Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drawing Small Scale

I bought a blending stump, and then my cat proceeded to eat it while I slept. I'm calling it Sasha Sabotage lol.

I have wanted to try capturing this moment from the film "A Little Princess" for quite awhile, and finally just decided to go ahead and try. I am definitely not the best with drawing things on a small scale so it was a really good practice piece. I think once I apply a new blending stump it might turn out acceptable, although not my favorite by far.
I am calling it a respectable first illustration attempt lol.

{Completed using an HB pencil and charcoal on acid-free paper, measuring 8x10 inches}

Contemplating doing more of a close up sketch of Emily the Doll without the keyhole frame, but I just wanted to try that out first.

And I still hate charcoal... every pencil stroke feels like nails on a chalkboard! Ick! Although maybe if I use it on a better quality paper this will not be the case. Still only using sketch paper right now, although I did purchase some Bristol paper. I am sticking to my hardbound sketchbook until I feel like the originals are actually worth something though lol.

{More framing fun! I am really liking experimenting with this now lol...}

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