Sunday, May 26, 2013

I am a Cumberholic

Yes. It is official. I am cumber-obsessed.

I held out during the first season of Sherlock, although I suspect I was teetering on the edge, but then I finally watched all three episodes of the second season of BBC's Sherlock, and I was smitten. Then not a week later I found out he was acting as the main badass in Star Trek Into Darkness! Of all the luck!

So... while waiting to see Star Trek, I indulged myself and tried my hand at my first male portrait, of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes. I also used Bristol paper for the first time, as well as charcoal! Still not sure I prefer that medium though; its so messy and rough to work with.

Here is the Sherlock I did.

{Charcoal and graphite pencil drawing on Bristol paper measuring 8x10"}
Then after getting to go to the theaters and watch Star Trek Into Darkness, I could not help myself at all in trying another Cumberbatch portrait, this time of him as the character John Harrison aka Khan.

{Graphite pencil drawing on Bristol paper measuring 8x10"}
I think I love this one way more lol.
Hopefully this will satisfy my cumberaddiction until season three of Sherlock is released... oh who am I kidding no it won't.
Contemplating a new project celebrating my membership as a Whovian as well next...
I know I may be straying from my original artwork plan, but apparently that is nothing but good! One of my wonderful and amazing followers on Instagram searched me out on Tumblr, and messaged me about purchasing a print of the Sherlock drawing!!! You have no idea how amazing and wonderful that moment was... I know its just one person, but it really does mean the world to me.
I am hoping the fact that I haven't even been advertising my shop or opened it or anything, and I already have interest, is a fortuitous sign. Its definitely worth celebrating at least :D I will be sending out just that image to the printing company this coming week and hopefully receiving a print I can sell to her through Etsy. I was going to hold out opening till I had good stock, but I may just open the one listing for her, and then put it back under construction until I have the stock I want available for sale.

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