Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Mon Petit Elephant' Pencil Drawing

So I know an elephant was completely not on my list lol... but sometimes you just have to go with wherever your muse takes you!
{Completed using 2H, HB, and 6B graphite pencils on acid-free sketch paper, measuring 8x10"}
 I am not sure I am completely finished with him yet; I would like to get some reference photos for different types of rocky ground and such to sketch a more solid base. Putting him off to the side for now though and I will ruminate more while working on my next project.

{Possible framing options!}
I really like the latter as a stand alone myself...

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  1. ooh i love the more personal gifts like that! he did an amazing job- what a great drawing!
    pencil sketches of houses