Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scarlett Johannson Portrait

Okay portrait number 2! Ummmm that should not be the title haha.
This was completed using 2H and 6B pencils on an acid-free sketch paper,
and measures 6x6".

This one went so much smoother than Vivien's, but definitely emphasized my need to buy a blending tool! I had a whole weekend to do more research on drawing tools and techniques, and am very excited to try out some new things in a couple weeks.

Below was just me playing around with framing/matting ideas.

I still will be working on my portrait list for The Portfolio, but I am also now working on sketching animals! There is definitely less pressure with those little guys lol, and they are so cute! Right now I have a little owl guy who will be a cute 5x7" original, but will also be available in 8x10" prints in future.

I am so looking forward to the day I get the guts to start using paints though! My dad gave me a project which requires that medium, so I have been doing some homework and I am excited to get my feet wet.

Since researching different studio art mediums and their techniques, as well as current successful professional studio artists, my brain has been overflowing with things I want to try as well as learn. I am so fortunate to be living in this era that allows such research and access. You really have to shut the world out to not find inspiration. Despite the career challenges I am already facing and that I know are looming ahead, I am so much happier in myself since deciding to pursue this path. I think this year's Thanksgiving is going to mean so much more to me lol.

Just throwing these thoughts into the ether :)

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