Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'Sleepy Owl' Pencil Drawing

As I mentioned in a previous post, although I am still working on building a good variety of celebrity portrait drawings for the portfolio, I also started working with animal subjects.
I ultimately want a series of seven 8x10" pencil drawing prints of my favorite adorable creatures. I started with a sleepy little owl, and here he is!

I completed him using 2H, B, and 6B pencils on an acid-free sketch paper, and the entire piece is an 8x10".
I think he turned out super cute!
The images are just photographs of the artwork, so I am hoping a bit of the roughness and pixilation is not an issue once I find a high-quality scanner. I had been toying with sending in photographs to make Giclee prints, but I just found a really great printing company (finally ack!) that recommends using a high quality scanner. I am going to be sending this guy in and getting samples of different paper prints, and hopefully they will be just right.
 Then once I complete this little animal series and finalize the prints, I can open my Etsy Shop!
I can't wait!
Probable Future Forest Creatures:
Field Mouse
Baby Bunny
Baby fox
Baby Squirrel

Continuing to work my butt off over the next several weeks :D but very happily.

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