Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Colorado Travels

I went to visit a close friend who currently resides in Colorado recently, and had so much fun!
I flew in Friday afternoon, and immediately drove out to Boulder and explored the downtown area shops and bars. The main street was so cute, all laid out with brick, and the shops lining it were surprisingly unique and interesting. And they have trees scattered throughout! It really was just so pretty, and you had the foothills of the mountain range as a gorgeous backdrop.

See the little baby mountains?! It reminded me of our hiking adventure doing the Flat Irons last year... wooo was that hard!
We decided to grab some drinks later in the evening, and while I started out as the DD, her husband joined us and I got to enjoy a few as well at one of the local bars. Definitely a fun place to hang out during the weekend for younger people!
So theeeen, Saturday morning we groggily woke up, loaded up the car for a trip to Estes Park to do some hiking! Yay!!!
So in Denver, the weather was probably around 65 degrees at that time. Very nice, but we all opted to buy some light hoodies just in case (this will be more meaningful later). I also had purchased some actual hiking shoes for the trip thank goodness. You do not want to be stuck on a mountain without some good shoes!

It was such a beautiful drive up to the mountains! Just look! *dreamy sigh*
Ok, so we arrived at the park and immediately jumped onto the trail. This particular hike has 4 different lakes to view, and the first is pretty much right at the bottom.

Yes, that is snow across the water... in May.

{Tyler and me all excited and ready to hike!}
I was already apoplectic with happiness surrounded by the trees and views. Dallas' flatness really makes you appreciate that sort of beauty.

{We were being silly enjoying the view}

We had reached a certain elevation at this point and got to look down on one of the lakes and down into the valley here.

Ok, this point in the trail was really wonderful. There is a certain moment when you realize you can hear the rushing of a river while hiking upward that is so peaceful. I love the sound of running water!

{This end of the lake was completely frozen!}

Then is got significantly colder... After the river the trail was completely covered by snow, and not only did each of us fall through at least once (me up to my thigh!), but we also lost the trail a few times and had to backtrack through the trees and over the rocks. We even accidently were walking over the river at one point until I realized the holes in the snow in front of me had running water below! Eeek!

We hadn't seen anyone on the trail for about 25 minutes when we stumbled upon this fisherman! I was very relieved lol...

We were almost at the last Lake here. Do you see how much snow there ended up being?! And yes, that's the actual trail... somewhere beneath it all lol. And I was only wearing thin running yoga pants, a tank top, and a thin jogging hoodie. Way to be prepared... Some other hikers were in full on ski gear with sticks and everything! The rest of my body was actually ok except my hands: they were so red, stiff, and cold I couldn't even tie my shoe laces! I have definitely learned my lesson with that experience...

{Tyler and me finally relaxing and enjoying the view of the completely frozen Emerald Lake}

Another chipmunk joined us at the end! He must be related to the one at the Flat Irons in Boulder...

{Alex expressing all our joy at the sun's return}
That last stretch the sun had hidden itself behind clouds, so the temperature had significantly decreased. As soon as we stood up to go back down again though it came back to us!

Once we got back to the car and headed home, we ended up seeing four Elk! At least we think they were elk lol... one was literally right next to our car as we drove by. I got a good picture of this one as we were leaving :)

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