Sunday, September 29, 2013

Survived the Summer

So... it's been awhile.

For multiple reasons, this summer has been pretty hard to get through. A few ups and a lot of downs. But having gone through a few trials as well as the horrible heat, I am determined to turn things around this Fall.

Here are some highlights of the past few months, just to get you up to speed!

Moved to a new apartment:

There were some construction problems with the old place, so I was basically forced out of that one into a newly remodeled apartment within the same complex. Luckily I was given a really good deal rent wise because of the issues, but lets just say moving in the middle of July is probably the most painful experience in Texas heat. Very happy to be somewhat settled in now though. Next nesting step is to paint the walls back to my favorite grey!

Made some new friends:


We are so lucky to be able to participate these Dames' Dinners here in Dallas. They are such a great opportunity to get out and meet other women during the week, without forking over a ton of cash. I ended up meeting a few really great girls whom I am beginning to get to know better. Its always hard to have your close girl friends long distance, so having my local inner circle begin to grow has been so rewarding and I am excited to share more experiences with them.

Including a new addition to the family:

Say hello to Nahla aka Fleur :D   She is about 10 months old, and half chihuahua half dachshund. I swore I would never own a chihuahua and had thought she was much larger than she really is from the photo, but I fell in love with her cute face too quickly to recant. She gets along wonderfully with Pyewacket too thankfully. I have been so blessed with their laid back cuddly temperaments.

And.... I guess that sums my summer up. Thank God for Autumns! I feel like this one is a great excuse for a fresh start. I already have several fun things planned throughout October, some DIY projects ahead, as well as some interesting drawing ideas I am excited to begin. My new place is in desperate need of a paint job so that is being tackled this week. Some thrift store refurbished finds are also in the wings (super excited about this... can't wait to share!). Look forward to several posts this coming month!

So happy to be back!

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