Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Painting

This year has been pretty busy, so I decided instead of carving and creating a crazy mess and challenging my arm muscles, I would prefer to just paint a couple pumpkins low-key style.

We put together some crackers, cheeses, grapes, and brownies for snacking, and whipped up some cider and cocoa as well for a seasonal taste to energize our creativity. And of course a trip to Starbucks for a triple was a necessity; especially after last night's Halloween bash!

 Painting and chatting and sipping away!

Lindsey I think aimed higher than Carly and I lol.

We stuck with geometric patterns, but she went straight to scary cute!

 Our little collection lol.

These were my little guys. A fun DIY to try out!

 I completely love the little ghost she added peeking out the door! Seriously so cute!!!

I set my little ones out on my patio, but now I am contemplating actually hanging up the strings of lights I have packed away just for this week... and maybe adding a few other touches I already have. Might as well commit lol.

I am still thinking about carving a pumpkin too, but only if I end up with the time. We will see! This was a lot of fun though; the pumpkins last so much longer when not carved out so I am thinking next year I will grab a whole bunch and paint them all to use as a table centerpiece, as well as for outside.

Halloween Weekend '13

This Halloween, alas, is on a thursday. Boo :( 

So the best weekend for partying and general mayhem is now! Some friends and I had planned on costuming it up and enjoying the crazy fun down at the Annual Dallas Uptown Block Party which shuts down the main streets and completely packs the bars along the street. Men in tutus and other odd humorous sights were to be expected :D

Unfortunately unbeknownst to me, a storm was brewing and headed our way! So I ended up just hanging out with one gal pal as we didn't get to make this year's party. We still had fun though; we spent some time at a nearby bar at a little party, and then later in the night tucked ourselves in for hot cider and Nightmare Before Christmas while listening to the storm outside.

I had planned on two costumes this year, but decided to save energy and money for just one. In the end it was so much less stressful!

I went with the 1920's theme, the best I could.

It would have been so much more perfect when I had a bob cut, but oh well. It was still fun!

 The only reason I decided on this, was because I found this dress at H&M a few months ago, marked down from $200 to $10 !!!  Basically I could not say no. Very happy I didn't! I already have an idea for a completely different costume to use it for too lol! Not sure if you can tell, but its all layered fringe!

Carly decided to be a cute scarecrow this year. The hay pretty much made the costume lol.

Absolutely worth the mess it created!

We did just a little tidbit of makeup too. 

Once we got to the bar (literally one block from her apartment complex!) we grabbed a few drinks and just had fun admiring others' costumes and chatting with people!

 Because of the storm it was definitely more low key than usual, but the advantage of that was being able to actually hear eachother, dance, and meet new people.

This was a good lesson for me in making the best out of moments out of my control (perfectionism can be oh so exhausting lol). I really enjoyed spending some silly time with Carly. 

Plus, we still have pumpkins to decorate and The Day itself to look forward to :D Pray the weather turns in our favor!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gallery Wall Project

Yay decorating!!!

My new apartment has an entire wall in the living room that basically does not serve much of a function furniture-wise. So I was racking my brain for ideas to make it more visually interesting, when I was inspired by some finds on Pinterest.

I just love the cluttered lived-in style of it all. It sort of emits a casual elegance.

 At first I was intimidated by the cost of purchasing so many different frames (20ish at $8-$15each?!). That can add up pretty quickly factoring in additional matting, printing, and hardware costs ($250 average). But then I came up with the idea of using thrift stores! I already had a couple frames, and after about two shopping trips ended up spending about $20 on the rest. Way more practical!

I kept a few frames their natural wood finish, and painted the rest white. I also made sure I had a couple of silver frames for a bit of sparkle. Honestly, the thriftstore hunting was the most fun part of this adventure.

I think its a really good start, but I am calling it my skeleton right now. I definitely want to slowly add more with time, but after I have purchased the armchair / end table I want to go against that wall. Then it will really be finished! Everything feels so bare right now in my apartment; I can't wait to add the few things it really needs to feel special.

I love finally having some space in my apartment to showcase some really great memories and people in my life. Lots of happy thoughts :D

Monday, October 21, 2013

Grey Circle Stitched Cowl

This is actually my third use of this free crochet pattern from People Webs, as the last two I have made for friends upon request. I LOVE how fast it is to make up! Literally none have taken me more than a week to complete in my spare time.

I modified the original pattern by adding just a bit of length to it, but other than that it is pretty consistent with the instructions per the designer. I think if I make it again, I will add even more length though... I prefer my infinity scarves/cowls to be around 60" in circumference and the original pattern is only about 40".

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Excited for Halloween!

I am so looking forward to this year's Halloween activities! I have two costumes picked out (yet to be created lol) as well as some pumpkin carving planned ahead. Thinking about the end of the month made me reminisce about previous Halloweens though, and I went through some old pictures of mine.

This was back in 2010. This was my first time "designing" my own carvings and I really had a blast! I think that creative aspect is the most enjoyable for me. I love the nature theme, and will probably branch off from that again this year. Hmmm maybe one with a few leaves?

This was my senior year of college when a few of my friends and I got together and roasted pumpkin seeds and carved too. I free handed the Boogie Man from Nightmare Before Christmas for mine. Although I ended up making a few carving mistakes, I still think it turned out pretty good. One day I need to do Jack and Sally pumpkins!

This Halloween my costume ideas are a Wind Up Doll for the downtown block party, and a 1920's flapper for the office work party. Work costumes sometimes can be hard just because you have to worry about being completely appropriate, but this one will be super safe. Everyone is dressing in the 1920's style that day, and we are having a little potluck.


Last year I actually had two costumes, one as Indiana Jones and the other as The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Our office theme was Alice, so I opted for that. I actually painted a white masquerade mask but its hardly visible. I would have done much more but I was too busy to really spend time on that one.

This one was just pure fun! I love being a witch lol... its so easy. We had a Practical Magic Party, so everyone just dressed as close to the women in the film as possible, and we drank "midnight margaritas" while watching the movie. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Fashion

Was thinking of what few additions to my closet I can purchase that can make the most impact and provide versatility for day wear as well as work wear this autumn. Here are a few pieces on my list!

Chambray Tops:

I love this look. No only can you wear it alone or over a loose fitted t-shirt with jeans and heels for a casual/dressy day, but also even with a black pencil skirt or leather!

Green Plaid:


Despite all the red plaid out there right now, I really like the look of the green. I think it just looks classier. You can pair it with tans or blacks so easily!

Knit Wraps:


The most comfortable thing in the world can be a neutral warm knit wrap! Its perfect for when you just feel lazy lol... I can throw it over a loose fitting top and some skinny jeans or leggings. For errand running I definitely love flats, but grabbing a drink with a friend or something could warrant knee high or ankle boots. Or just lying around the house enjoying a beautiful afternoon!

Faux Leather Leggings:

Pretty much the most dramatic piece to add! Its been a bit hard finding any long enough for my legs, but I finally did succeed at H&M. I have already been able to wear them out once and loved it! 
I am looking forward to wearing them much more often once the weather cools down a lot more :D

I love Fall!