Sunday, October 20, 2013

Excited for Halloween!

I am so looking forward to this year's Halloween activities! I have two costumes picked out (yet to be created lol) as well as some pumpkin carving planned ahead. Thinking about the end of the month made me reminisce about previous Halloweens though, and I went through some old pictures of mine.

This was back in 2010. This was my first time "designing" my own carvings and I really had a blast! I think that creative aspect is the most enjoyable for me. I love the nature theme, and will probably branch off from that again this year. Hmmm maybe one with a few leaves?

This was my senior year of college when a few of my friends and I got together and roasted pumpkin seeds and carved too. I free handed the Boogie Man from Nightmare Before Christmas for mine. Although I ended up making a few carving mistakes, I still think it turned out pretty good. One day I need to do Jack and Sally pumpkins!

This Halloween my costume ideas are a Wind Up Doll for the downtown block party, and a 1920's flapper for the office work party. Work costumes sometimes can be hard just because you have to worry about being completely appropriate, but this one will be super safe. Everyone is dressing in the 1920's style that day, and we are having a little potluck.


Last year I actually had two costumes, one as Indiana Jones and the other as The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Our office theme was Alice, so I opted for that. I actually painted a white masquerade mask but its hardly visible. I would have done much more but I was too busy to really spend time on that one.

This one was just pure fun! I love being a witch lol... its so easy. We had a Practical Magic Party, so everyone just dressed as close to the women in the film as possible, and we drank "midnight margaritas" while watching the movie. 

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