Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gallery Wall Project

Yay decorating!!!

My new apartment has an entire wall in the living room that basically does not serve much of a function furniture-wise. So I was racking my brain for ideas to make it more visually interesting, when I was inspired by some finds on Pinterest.

I just love the cluttered lived-in style of it all. It sort of emits a casual elegance.

 At first I was intimidated by the cost of purchasing so many different frames (20ish at $8-$15each?!). That can add up pretty quickly factoring in additional matting, printing, and hardware costs ($250 average). But then I came up with the idea of using thrift stores! I already had a couple frames, and after about two shopping trips ended up spending about $20 on the rest. Way more practical!

I kept a few frames their natural wood finish, and painted the rest white. I also made sure I had a couple of silver frames for a bit of sparkle. Honestly, the thriftstore hunting was the most fun part of this adventure.

I think its a really good start, but I am calling it my skeleton right now. I definitely want to slowly add more with time, but after I have purchased the armchair / end table I want to go against that wall. Then it will really be finished! Everything feels so bare right now in my apartment; I can't wait to add the few things it really needs to feel special.

I love finally having some space in my apartment to showcase some really great memories and people in my life. Lots of happy thoughts :D


  1. I love it! It really looks great now and it will get better as you find more things to "fluff" it out. I've always liked gallery walls but my house is crazy dusty (four dogs!) so I'd be dusting them all the time and I am way too lazy to ever change the pictures out lol.

    1. I like that haha "fluff"! Yea I def will have to keep my dust on... we will see how that turns out lol!