Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Weekend '13

This Halloween, alas, is on a thursday. Boo :( 

So the best weekend for partying and general mayhem is now! Some friends and I had planned on costuming it up and enjoying the crazy fun down at the Annual Dallas Uptown Block Party which shuts down the main streets and completely packs the bars along the street. Men in tutus and other odd humorous sights were to be expected :D

Unfortunately unbeknownst to me, a storm was brewing and headed our way! So I ended up just hanging out with one gal pal as we didn't get to make this year's party. We still had fun though; we spent some time at a nearby bar at a little party, and then later in the night tucked ourselves in for hot cider and Nightmare Before Christmas while listening to the storm outside.

I had planned on two costumes this year, but decided to save energy and money for just one. In the end it was so much less stressful!

I went with the 1920's theme, the best I could.

It would have been so much more perfect when I had a bob cut, but oh well. It was still fun!

 The only reason I decided on this, was because I found this dress at H&M a few months ago, marked down from $200 to $10 !!!  Basically I could not say no. Very happy I didn't! I already have an idea for a completely different costume to use it for too lol! Not sure if you can tell, but its all layered fringe!

Carly decided to be a cute scarecrow this year. The hay pretty much made the costume lol.

Absolutely worth the mess it created!

We did just a little tidbit of makeup too. 

Once we got to the bar (literally one block from her apartment complex!) we grabbed a few drinks and just had fun admiring others' costumes and chatting with people!

 Because of the storm it was definitely more low key than usual, but the advantage of that was being able to actually hear eachother, dance, and meet new people.

This was a good lesson for me in making the best out of moments out of my control (perfectionism can be oh so exhausting lol). I really enjoyed spending some silly time with Carly. 

Plus, we still have pumpkins to decorate and The Day itself to look forward to :D Pray the weather turns in our favor!

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