Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Painting

This year has been pretty busy, so I decided instead of carving and creating a crazy mess and challenging my arm muscles, I would prefer to just paint a couple pumpkins low-key style.

We put together some crackers, cheeses, grapes, and brownies for snacking, and whipped up some cider and cocoa as well for a seasonal taste to energize our creativity. And of course a trip to Starbucks for a triple was a necessity; especially after last night's Halloween bash!

 Painting and chatting and sipping away!

Lindsey I think aimed higher than Carly and I lol.

We stuck with geometric patterns, but she went straight to scary cute!

 Our little collection lol.

These were my little guys. A fun DIY to try out!

 I completely love the little ghost she added peeking out the door! Seriously so cute!!!

I set my little ones out on my patio, but now I am contemplating actually hanging up the strings of lights I have packed away just for this week... and maybe adding a few other touches I already have. Might as well commit lol.

I am still thinking about carving a pumpkin too, but only if I end up with the time. We will see! This was a lot of fun though; the pumpkins last so much longer when not carved out so I am thinking next year I will grab a whole bunch and paint them all to use as a table centerpiece, as well as for outside.

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