Sunday, November 24, 2013

31 Ways to enjoy the Holiday Season this December

If you're a 20-something female ;)

I have seen a few of these scattered about the interweb, and I decided to create my own perfect December List this year! 

Its so easy to get caught up in all the little must-dos around the holidays, so I think its important to remember to take some time and actually remember all your favorite things about the season and to actually enjoy them.

Merry Christmas!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Hosting Thanksgiving

I have never hosted a Thanksgiving, lets just make that clear right now lol. But the idea of having so many family and friends over to one's home and serving a memorable meal always evokes a feeling of cozy happiness for me. Hopefully I will have that opportunity in the future just like so many of you have had!

In the meantime, day dreaming is always fun!

Here are some home decorating ideas to start us off. I like the idea of being able to reuse some of accessories from Halloween and into Christmas as well. I personally love the use of pumpkins and pine cones! 

I love this idea of using mini pumpkins and attaching with ribbons little tags of different things you and the family are thankful for. You could even make it into an advent calender type activity!

 Another use of pumpkins! You can break out the candle pillars and large glass vases and glorify the mini pumpkins left over from Halloween. Then come Christmas just switch out the pumpkins for extra ornaments from the Christmas tree!

Touches of handmade items add a unique and personal touch. 

I love homemade garlands, and here are a few. You can make paper cut outs and sew or string them all together, or purchase some fake leaves and go crazy with the glitter. And pine cones are always classic for the fall AND winter. You can leave them natural for a rustic feel or add some gold spray paint. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Gold Shoe Rack

I blame Pinterest, but I'm obsessed with white and gold right now. *Christmas spoiler!*lol
This has somewhat influenced my decor tastes.

Hence, the gold spray painting of some originally black shoe racks I stumbled upon for less than a song!

Initially I was planning on simply purchasing a couple of small white bookshelves to organize and maximize the space in my closet, but these sort of ended up in my lap and I saw their potential. 

Plus, you can stack these units or place shelves in between two to create a third! Below is actually a combination of only two shoe racks!
Honestly they look like something you would find at Ikea or Walmart, but you can get them at Sam's Club for only $20 each.

Ok, here was my DIY process! :)
1. There are more than a few gold spray paints out there, but luckily I chose one that turned out to be just right for my purposes. Rust-oleum always seems to get the job don, but whichever brand you favor should work well.

2. Before assembly, separate all the parts and cover up any you do not want painted either by painter's tape or my own personal savvy time saver, sliding magazine pages under the metal frames to cover up just the glass! I taped one side of one shelf, but it took quite some time and I hated the thought of having to do that to 12 separate pieces... and then my ingenuity kicked in. Or my laziness lol.

 It worked out perfectly though! Just make sure the pages are secured with a few pieces of tape so the paint spray does not shift any paper loose.

3. Create or find a location you can canvas with a drop cloth and that is protected from weather elements. Array all the pieces for easy access, and apply 2 coats over everything. I recommend keeping the can about 8-12 inches away from the furniture. Let dry (in this case only 15 minutes) and perform any necessary touch ups.


 4. Don't forget to paint the hardware as it will be visible!

5. Assemble, et voila.

My new shoe racks!!! I heart them completely!!! 
Its just the touch of gold my eyes have been craving.

I think my shoes are finally happy. They all have a home.

I may need a third one... ;P

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Very First Print Order!

Its official, things are happening!

I finally got my feet wet, and put in an order of prints for the owl drawing I made several months ago!

Another person contacted me requesting to buy a print through Pinterest, and I decided even though things have been pulling me in many directions recently I just needed to get down to business. The ordering process was actually not too intimidating now that I have a great quality scanner, and thankfully affordable!

I made my first posting on Etsy (despite my lack of business cards or any other development of my shop) and I guess you could say the ship has pulled anchor although not exactly set sail lol.

The first prints I have available are my Sleeping Owl in 8x10 inches on high-quality fine art paper, and I should be getting in an order of my Autumn Leaf this week so I can post that too for the closing of the fall season. :)

There is still soooo much work ahead (creating a shop banner, ordering cute business cards, fine tuning shop policies, purchasing shipping supplies) plus actually getting back into drawing again now that I have somewhat settled into my new apartment. The list can be endless lol! But at least I have made some headway and also received encouragement! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!