Friday, November 15, 2013

Hosting Thanksgiving

I have never hosted a Thanksgiving, lets just make that clear right now lol. But the idea of having so many family and friends over to one's home and serving a memorable meal always evokes a feeling of cozy happiness for me. Hopefully I will have that opportunity in the future just like so many of you have had!

In the meantime, day dreaming is always fun!

Here are some home decorating ideas to start us off. I like the idea of being able to reuse some of accessories from Halloween and into Christmas as well. I personally love the use of pumpkins and pine cones! 

I love this idea of using mini pumpkins and attaching with ribbons little tags of different things you and the family are thankful for. You could even make it into an advent calender type activity!

 Another use of pumpkins! You can break out the candle pillars and large glass vases and glorify the mini pumpkins left over from Halloween. Then come Christmas just switch out the pumpkins for extra ornaments from the Christmas tree!

Touches of handmade items add a unique and personal touch. 

I love homemade garlands, and here are a few. You can make paper cut outs and sew or string them all together, or purchase some fake leaves and go crazy with the glitter. And pine cones are always classic for the fall AND winter. You can leave them natural for a rustic feel or add some gold spray paint. 

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