Monday, November 11, 2013

My Very First Print Order!

Its official, things are happening!

I finally got my feet wet, and put in an order of prints for the owl drawing I made several months ago!

Another person contacted me requesting to buy a print through Pinterest, and I decided even though things have been pulling me in many directions recently I just needed to get down to business. The ordering process was actually not too intimidating now that I have a great quality scanner, and thankfully affordable!

I made my first posting on Etsy (despite my lack of business cards or any other development of my shop) and I guess you could say the ship has pulled anchor although not exactly set sail lol.

The first prints I have available are my Sleeping Owl in 8x10 inches on high-quality fine art paper, and I should be getting in an order of my Autumn Leaf this week so I can post that too for the closing of the fall season. :)

There is still soooo much work ahead (creating a shop banner, ordering cute business cards, fine tuning shop policies, purchasing shipping supplies) plus actually getting back into drawing again now that I have somewhat settled into my new apartment. The list can be endless lol! But at least I have made some headway and also received encouragement! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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