Monday, May 19, 2014

Back in Color

So... its been awhile lol.

This spring was pretty tough for various reasons, but one big change was I signed up for my first painting class! I have always been overwhelmed and intimidated by paints coming from a black and white world; there are so many things to consider and learn when painting that just are not an issue when drawing or sketching. So I made the decision to try an actual course at the local college and I am so happy I did.

There were a lot of not so fun projects including my first experience with nude figure painting and sketching, but I am really happy with the progress I have made overall. 


These little guys ended up being part of my series I created for our final. Since its just Watercolor I, the assignment centered on creating cohesive pieces just as much as our technique. I completed these and then also did multiples using looser techniques for experimentation, but these were the ones I like the most. Very whimsical for now!

Its wonderful to be able to use color any way I want...
Its like drinking your first glass of cold water on a hot summer day!

This one is just something I wanted to try on my own, from an original pencil drawing of mine. At the time we were painting very simple still-lifes and nudes, and I just craved something girly and colorful!

I started out wanting it to be more minimalist buuut the whole biting thing required more detail than I had anticipated sooo viola.

 It was definitely a needed break from the impersonal assignments of class, and I realized how important knowing which elements of a piece need to be detailed and which can be loose in order to come off just the right way. 

I still have so much work to do and many things to learn, but I am enjoying my current exploration of watercolors!

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