Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I just got back from a great weekend trip in Houston
visiting an old high school friend and her new little additions to her family,
twin boys!

Pretty much a weekend of cuteness overload...

The weather was perfect (well, slightly hot but manageable lol) and we just stayed in chatting and catching up Friday, and then Saturday we drove out to a mud race with the twins and her hubby. She is 5 months from the delivery and getting back into running, and it was so inspiring to see her climbing over all sorts of obstacles and trudging through mud and muck to the very end!

While she and her friend Michael triumphed over physical feats, Barry and I were on babysitting and photography duty which was quite all right with me!

We pretty much just got to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, and entertain the little ones. Total win!

After getting my first taste of a mud run, Maria and I are hoping to do the Gritty Goddess coming up in October in Galveston. We are definitely getting a hotel room with showers though for afterwards, and then can enjoy the rest of the weekend exploring, fresh and clean lol.

These guys are so tough!!!

Later that day we left the twins with her hubby and spent a few hours at the Houston Zoo which was so much fun! I literally do not remember the last time I visited a zoo, and we ended up getting pretty lucky with the animals being out.

Just a few snapshots :)



 Loved the giraffes...they were so adorable and kept walking by us only a few feet away!


 Such a great trip! Even though its been so long since connecting with my friend, we seem to settle right back into our friendship naturally. I am so privileged to have someone so special like her in my life, even if not in my city.

Feeling thankful!

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  1. Aw! I had a blast with you and I hope to be getting together more often, even if it requires babies in tow. :) I am so looking forward to the Gritty Goddess weekend!